Sthayin offerings
A smart way to network with like-minded people. Organizations have the liberty to either create a networking space only for employees or share it with all.
Innovate with ideas
Discuss, innovate and choose to share your ideas and innovations with the entire world or with your network.
Get the much deserving recommendations from all.
Graphical resumes
Obtain graphically designed resumes in one click. Organizations can now get access to user resumes as soon as people apply for the jobs hosted by them.
Get ratings for the commendable you and your organization.
Explore the wide search features and find your friends and companies. Organizations can search and get the most competent and skillful associates.
Create your profile once and reap the benefits forever.
Create your organization page and include your proud offerings.
Stay updated. Follow people and organizations.
Schedule meetings, discuss with your network and take your idea to the next level. Organizations can acknowledge registrations from people and schedule meetings.
Avail internship opportunities from finest employers and make the difference early in your career. Organizations can choose interns and let fresh talent bring in diversification of thoughts.
Search for featured jobs, apply by sharing your meritorious scorecard and keep a track of your progress with the auto alerts. Organizations can now host and manage jobs.
Stay updated. Register for all the happening events. Organizations can host events and connect with their prospects.
Register for programs hosted by top companies and get a step ahead in life. Organizations can now manage short and long duration programmes on the go.