About Us
Whitepen Technologies is one of the respected and innovation-centric organization that aims at diversified products promoting welfare of the people with opportunities and technological transformation.
Our esteemed values include honesty, mutual respect, professionalism and enrichment of lives with Innovative solutions.
Even in the fast revolving world, we believe in a 'pause' to analyze the benefits of our products thereby ensuring its novelty, effectiveness and its impact on the welfare of our society. We believe in our ability of delivering quality products and solutions that’s exceptional and unprecedented.
Sthayin is aligned with our values and take us a step ahead in serving people with the technological diversification. The product is formulated with a shift of thought from traditional professional networking into an innovative talent platform encouraging focused talent networking. Sthayin aims to unveil the hidden talents with its talent management platform along with the visual representations promoting elevation of ethically talented minds. It believes that every individual is born with unique talent, which if unfolded can bring a ‘change for good’. We are committed to improve the quality of life of the people we serve. Sthayin will help its users achieve their career objectives with collaboration and networking.
Whitepen will always strive to honour the commitments made and will come up with the product line that would bring in transformations in the era of technology.
Feedbacks, issues, concerns, questions and for all other information and enquiries:
Reach us at info@sthayin.com
Investors can also reach us at info@sthayin.com
We thank you for devoting your valuable time reading about us and would look forward for your ingrained association with Sthayin.